Declious Dinner

It was a great Korean dinner with lovely people. It is always interesting to share ideas and thoughts living in a foreign country as most of people have different views.


Whenever quizzes or exams are coming, I always find something else very interesting. Whenever I ask this question to my friend, they usually have the same issue. How come we are not thrilled to be evaluated?


Delicious dessert at Bonnard near HEC paris

Interesting Infographic..:)

Why Developers Prefer iOS Platform than any other | Online Marketing Trends.

Another Impressive Video explaining the concept of Digitization

A Good Summary of Social Media History…:)



To use Blogsy Ipad application, I moved down to WordPress..:)

It’s been several months that I was not able to write down anything.

Tons of things happened..:) Probably, write down some of the stories later on.

(For the following posts, I just want to emphasize that these are purely my personal views. People taking the same classes might have different ideas)


I think the teacher is making lots of efforts and starts from explaining the fundamental things. However, it gets to so theoretical level that not many students really understand what is happening. So, there is huge discrepancies between what students expect from teacher and what the teacher’s aim of teaching.


This teacher also has a huge reader and lots of group assignments. Also, she has a separate PPTs. But, things are quite disorganized in a way that you have a hard time connecting the ideas you have learned during the class. One of my classmates told me that he or she is losing her interest in Marketing, though the friend was trying to major in the Marketing next year.


There is a reason to be bored. You can feel it in the air. I can tell from student’s face that they are not going to remember anything after the class ends. I just wish the teacher could catch that point and make some changes. Top school does not necessarily mean top classes, maybe top-profile professors.

I took the exam of Financial Economics, which was quite difficult. As I really screwed up the quizzes, I am a little bit worried about failing this course. In that case, I just need to take the remedial exams… It does not sound great. Although the school is famous for having a great Finance track, it seems it does not fit on me. In fact, it lessens my burdens as you could literally see how competitive students are in the class and in the exams to get into the program. Anyhow, I will keep my fingers crossed for the result.

There was a the third meeting of Entrepreneurship club though the participants has decreased a bit. Now the club had it has its own name: HECreate-focusing the implementation part of association. It was a bit sad that my candidate(Ideaots) was not picked up finally. During the first session, topic was ‘What is Entrepreneurship?’, I also delivered a brief presentation myself(; it was mainly about things I have done so far. Just looking at things in an entrepreneurial aspect.

I might not be good at taking exams whereas I am good at organizing and motiviating people, and dream with people.

One of the things people do not like about living in HEC Campus is the food from University Restaurant. In the morning, it is usually the case; Baguette, Confitures, Butter…That’s it. However, there was some of cereal this morning and I met two ladies from Scicence Po, one of best liberal arts school in France. They are in the dual degree program both in HEC and Science Po. In fact, I should have spoken them in french since it is a great opportunity for me to practice it. Yet, in that way, I am losing an opportunity for deeper communication, which I might not be able to do it in French. Anyway, we talked about many different things; one of hers’ experience in living in Germany, how much it was different from living in Germany. This questions naturally lead me to bring up the topic of how much it is different Korea from Japan, China. Suddenlt, the breafast table became a great classroom for sharing cultural experiences. Though it is exam period, I personally think that this kind of learning is as much worth as the things we learn in the classroom.